Corporate Events NYC

Corporate events are an opportunity to lighten the ever-serious work environment. Your guests will appreciate a corporate event that involves spectacular entertainment, exquisite food and exciting activities. The idea is to make the event less business-oriented and more about fun and building relationships.

Thinking outside the box adds a unique experience that leaves a lasting impression weeks after the corporate event is over. Whether you are hosting a product launch, employees holiday party, or educational seminar, plan a corporate event with:

Inspire your guests by turning a simple corporate event into an interactive, experiential event using expert event planners or hosting it in a magnificent venue.

Have you been searching for corporate events in NYC? You are in the right place. Today, we will give you five corporate event ideas to choose from and tell you why Fine and Rare is the perfect venue for your corporate event.

Corporate Event Ideas

Corporate events that promote excitement & fun encourage innovative ideas and closeness that are beneficial to the company. Clients also feel valued and it leaves a good impression of your company. Corporate events also give you a chance to celebrate your employees, clients and company’s growth. Liven up your corporate event with these celebratory ideas.

Provide a Mixology Experience

Let your guests enjoy a unique bar experience with a mixologist present to give them custom-made drinks fit for the event. Hire an experienced mixologist who has an in-depth study of the art of mixing drinks. They will make the event exciting and educate your guests on making their cocktails taste better.

Take it a notch higher by hiring a venue with mixology stations and let your guests mix their drinks. They will be awed by the smoky vapor and the bubbles produced. Finish off the experience with a show-stopping performance from the mixologist.

Let the Guests Give a Performance

A venue with a performance stage and state-of-the-art audio system gives you an opportunity to allow your guests to perform. Tell them beforehand you will give them a chance to entertain guests with their unique talents. Expect to see some great performances but also allow presentations from those who want to goof around for fun.

Organize for Live Performances

Live performances personalize the event and make the guests feel special for giving them a wholesome entertainment experience compared to recorded media. Live performances give your guests the chance to witness the effort the artists put into producing a magnificent performance. Fine and Rare has live music performances daily, you can book your corporate event with us and we will arrange for a live performance from one of our talented artists.

Give Your Guests a Memorable Dining Experience

Corporate Event Venues NYC

A memorable dining experience involves giving your guests palate-pleasing food, sensational wine and spirit, and excellent hospitality. Host the corporate event in a restaurant with an executive chef, rare spirit collection, and professional employees.

You can also have a themed event with decorations and hire a catering team to prepare food and offer wine that matches the concept. Add a personal touch by giving each guest a sweet and playful gift such as assorted chocolate & candy.

Have a Photo Booth with Props

Why not take company photos with fun props and accessories? Station a photo booth and let your guests pose for photos with props that show funny company statements. Include accessories such as funny crowns, shades and necklaces. Your guests will have a good laugh and take selfies to share on their social media platforms—what an excellent way of having fun and marketing your company.

Why Choose Us Over Other Corporate Event Venues in NYC?

Fine and Rare is a modern-styled 4,700Sq Ft corporate event venue that can be transformed to resemble your ideal corporate event needs. Our corporate event venue features:

Fine and Rare has an in-house executive chef who prepares masterfully crafted dishes made from the freshest ingredients. We also have an impressive collection of spirits including rare whiskey, mezcal, rum and tequila that will leave your guests dazzled.

Our venue’s artistic interior decor will blend well with your themed corporate event. In addition, our seasoned event planners will work with you to ensure your guests have a visually-appealing dining experience.

Your search for a corporate events space in NYC is over. Fine and Rare will strive to give you a memorable corporate event that will mesmerize your guests. Book your event today and let us give your guests a phenomenal experience.